A Note to Self and a Letter for You

Hey! Guess what? It’s been awhile. Like a really long while. But I’m glad to be back to share my two cents here and there. I came across this pep talk in my archives that I had written in the past as a note to self, and I hope and pray that maybe, just maybe, you can take something from this too. I don’t know where you’re at but one thing I know, you’re awesome. And awesome people deserve letters once in awhile, so this one’s for you:Dear child of God,Stop running.Stop running from your fears, and face them instead.Stop running through life at this mad pace and ignoring the warning signs popping up around you.Stop. Just stop long enough to catch your breath, heal, and gather the strength to move on.Stop focusing on yourself and your short-comings. Instead, focus your attention on the God Who holds all power. The One Who is full of goodness and grace and all those things that perhaps sound so cliche but really, they’re 100% truth.Start believing. Believe, child. Believe that God is on your side, because guess what? He actually is. For real and for serious. He’s fighting for you, not against you.Light begins to dawn when you toss unbelief to the wind, wash your hands in the rivers of redemption, and slip them into the hands of the good, good Father.When you learn to know God more in a personal way, things begin to make a lot more sense.The puzzle comes together.The waves calm.The storms die down.The vision clears.The steps become more sure.No, I’m not saying your surroundings or circumstances will change, I’m saying that your outlook on them will, and that makes a big difference.The focus is taken off of self.The victim experiences victory.The one in bonds tastes freedom.Pray. Pray hard. Pray often. Pray in faith. Just pray lots, and reap the benefits in due time. Then, remember to thank the One who proves Himself faithful every single time.When things don’t make sense, don’t freak out. It makes sense to Someone, and that’s all that really matters.In time, you’ll understand. In time, you’ll see what He had up his sleeve. Just you wait.Sincerely,the pep talker