All Because We’re Unworthy


He walks into the quiet room,

The beauty of a joyful secret written across His face.

He makes His way over to the

Farthest, darkest corner.

There sits His beloved,

Weeping, and broken.

Tears of frustration and confusion

Stream down her face,

Causing the deep well of love

In His heart to overflow.


He stoops graciously,

Brushes the tears gently from her eyes,

And, extending His arms,

Reveals the beautiful secret;

A gift.

But not just any ordinary gift;

It’s most beautiful, most breathtaking, and most valiant.

He has come to rescue her.

To help and save her.

To lift her spirits and set her free.

It is the gift of abundant grace.


With joyful anticipation,

He waits for the moment

When she will receive the gift

With exceeding joy and gratitude.

He waits,

And waits,

But the moment never comes.

His tender heart breaks.

His joy is turned to the deepest of sorrows.


He pleadingly beckons His beloved

To turn her face toward Him

And receive the gift He offers.

Drowning in pride

And the false belief

That she has to do this

On her own,

She scarcely turns her gaze

Toward Him.

When she does,

It is only to tell Him of her unworthiness.

Only to tell Him that she’s not good enough.

Only to tell Him of her imperfections,

And then she turns back to her corner of confusion.


Elmira-Delayna-etc 614.JPG

With freedom at her fingertips,

She refuses redemption.

With the winds of hope dancing through the very hairs of her head,

She turns down

What she most desperately desires:

The gift of abundant life.

She rejects

The love she longs for,

The hope she hungers after,

The freedom she fights for,

The Christ she cries for.


And it’s all because she finds herself


Not realizing that

If Christ would not offer this gift

To the unworthy,

There would be no gift at all.

So here she sits, in her

Corner of confusion,

Refusing the very thing she’s fighting for.

The gift is available right here, right now.

What are we doing with it?











4 thoughts on “All Because We’re Unworthy

  1. Wow Taralynn. This is so wonderful. I saw you have a blog but never had time to read it. Well I have now. And I love it. God Bless you as you continue to be a light to those that read it.


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